Meet our haPPy team Bisera Stojkoska

July 2020

Meet our haPPy team  Bisera Stojkoska

Bisera Stojkoska – Corporate Compliance Officer

A year ago, as a newly opened position in our organization, Corporate compliance has been undertaken by our enthusiastic and ambitious colleague Bisera. She puts maximum effort into every task and goal to be achieved. Working in a fast-growing environment and meeting various challenges, different ideas and opinions is something that motivates her to go forward and at the same time to adopt additional knowledge. Her dedication and commitment resulting in visible and recognized results bring her great personal satisfaction. 

With over 7 years in audit and compliance, Bisera is responsible to assure all the processes to be in line with the corporate policies and procedures. Her thorough, systematic, and comprehensive approach, along with her honest, empathetic, and friendly manner brings immense value to our company and our team.